Tomas Ivan Träskman (with Petri Saarikko on the right) announcing the news of the Micronational Recognition of Taiwan
in the Ceremony of Peace and Recognition (MOCA, Taipei, December 2006)

Tomas kind of mutates his signature all the time. By working at the crossroads between media, art, theory, education, design, and architecture he facilitates the collaboration of extreme yet codependent regimes of scale and organization. Criricism, collaboration, collective creativity and cross-disciplinary solidarity form his work ethos. Now he has even turned this schizophrenia into an enterprise: alltihopa: what is difficult fascinates us. In terms of YKON he thinks it is best to not bury the group too deeply in the murky mysticism of “collectivity.” In YKON someone comes up with an idea, the others add to it. Identities blur, which is grand and confusing, and seldom super easy. – But hey, we are friends, which means a lot.